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Finding a publisher during the Pandemic has been a challenge.  I will probably self-publish in Summer of 2021. 

Isolation is good for a writer and I'm busy working on two other titles.  Meanwhile, if you have comments just Send Me an e-mail from the sidebar.

Great! Loved reading about how you discovered this wonderful place. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.-- Dian L.

You have an easy way about your writing, makes me want to just sit in an easy chair, sip coffee, look out the window and read your story.  It's very good, kept my interest the whole time.--Kathy O.

I always see old roads and think "Does anyone realize the effort?"--Maria C.

Now that's just cool !!!! Thanks for sharing, I love it over there.  Kayaking up he Crooked River from Lake Billy Chinook is like being in another world and hiking to the top of Tum-A-Lau trail.  I love this soooo much.  Thanks for preserving history !!!--Kris M.

I love to see the origins of things from this part of the country.--Michale B.

My family moved to Culver in 1945 or '46.  We went to Grandview and saw the school house, the old cemetery, and found a place we would have loved to have lived.  It was a lonely spot, I thought.  Then all the beautiful old bildings were gone! Just made me sick.  We wanted to by a lot there also, but just couldn't manage it at the time. That was probably '64 or '65.  We had four childen at the time.  Thanks so much for posting this.--Betty P.

How wonderful !  Love your writing! Do you have other books?--Bonnie H.

Oh! I want that book!--Allie S.

I Look forward to getting your book when it is published.--LSB

Looking forward to it....pre-order?--LE

Can't wait for the whole book.--Meg C

I want one too.--SDS

Put me on the list.--HF

I want three.  What an endeavor --JMC

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