The Depression Era Photographs of Arthur Rosenstein

During the Great Depression the WPA program gave job opportunities to unemployed artists and photographers from around America, and Aurther Rosenstein  came to Central Oregon to photograph the program.  The drought had decimated most of the farming communities of the Lower Desert, and most had moved away before the Depression came. The WPA worked on roads and access to water for the few hardy souls who ramained. The platear had been landlocked until the Round Butte Dam was finshed in the late '60's when it opened a time capsule to those willing to venture in. 

When I first started coming to the Grandview site in 1968 it opened a time capsule. Many of these buildings and structures were there when I used to go "Ghost Towning" as we called it then. By the early 70'a the scrap dealers and tourists scooped up every aritfact, leaving only the rock walls that defined the farms.   Sadly, the photographs I took were lost but these FSA photographs will give you a good idea of what I saw in those first trips.

The community of Three Rivers is now located on the site of Grandview.  This gated community has a few dozen year-around residents, many vacation homes and is completly off the grid.  With the only privately owned Marina on the Metolius River it draws hundreds of landowners and guests every summer.

Central Oregon Sheepherder 1936

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